Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lakeview Love

Every year of my life, since I was about twelve, I have dreamt about Camp Lakeview. I would go for a week each summer and by two weeks later I was literally having dreams about going back the next year.

Camp has always been such a happy and safe place. It has always been the physical place that I have been drawn to most in the world. I have had the priviledge to attend camp as a camper for four summers, serve three summers as a JC followed by three summers on staff. In all of those years, camp was always in my dreams and my thoughts.

This year is different. I feel my heart and mind longing to spend another summer there, to serve God there for 11 more weeks, but I do not feel called to serve there this summer. Many nights this past month I have dreamt of being at camp but no one can see me or hear me. In those dreams there is a new staff, carefully chosen by God to carry out His will this summer. So, to the new staff, whoever you may be, "May the Lord Bless and Keep You, Make the Lord Make His Face Shine Upon You, and Give You Peace"

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Whit and Dave said...

Amy, I know the feeling well. It is a strange day when you can hand it over to another staff...You were a big part of that for me! Love you!