Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last Friday was my last day at Macy's. I cried on the way home. I am not sad about leaving the job as much as I am sad about leaving my friends there.

Last Monday I went down to the EVSC office to apply to be a substitute teacher. I have all of the paperwork finished so I just have to wait for them to get my reference sheets and UofL transcripts back, then I have to wait for my permit to come from the state, and then I have to watch videos and attend a class. I am hoping this whole process only takes two weeks because I only have one more paycheck and then my severence pay from Macy's.

I am trying very hard to stay optimistic and not to worry too much about all of this. However, Mark and I are now under the "3.5 months unitl our wedding" point and with both of us not working it feels scary. Thank goodness we have faith. God will be our guide.

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