Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unemployed Life

I am still waiting for the state to approve my substitute teaching feels like it is taking forever but I am learning patience. I am also enjoying freedom to do whatever. To recap since my last post:

-I spent last weekend in Louisville. Friday was shopping with Leah so that I would have a dress for her wedding. She picked out a pretty red one that I can really wear again. Saturday began with a morning massage - a Christmas/birthday gift from Brittany. It was amazing! Then Saturday afternoon was my shower in New Albany hosted by Rose. I was happy to spend time with friends from college AND to see some of my camp loves (a HUGE surprise!) A special thanks to those who made some long drives - esp. Laura who came from Pittsburgh!
-Tuesday Mama, Grandma, and I made the trip to Amish Country to take my quilt blocks to be quilted. I am so thankful for all of the hard work that Grandma put into making the blocks and am excited to see it when it's done for our wedding gift.
-Wednesday I went to see Mark in Vincennes. I conquered my fear of bridges and had a wonderful afternoon of just playing around.
-Today Mama and I went to Owensboro to visit with Momaw. I had my final wedding dress fitting and it is finally perfect! I am so glad that it really feels like mine now! Then it was lunch at the club and a trip to Macy's. I finally bought new sunglasses. It's been since high school and mine keep peeling off on my face. So, it was time.

I am excited for this next week as well. It's scrapbooking this weekend, Mark's 21st, and then the beginning of marriage counseling with our minister. Happy End of February and Beginning of March!

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