Friday, January 27, 2012

Thank You Heather

This past Saturday my friend Heather went Home to Jesus.

I first met Heather while in Middle School Youth Group at Old North. She was the high school leader so I just saw her on and off through those years and then freshman year she became my youth group leader. I was 14, just coming out of those awful, awkward middle school years and really looking for the "answers" to life.

One of the first things Heather helped me see is that there are not "answers" to life but rather One Beautiful Answer - God. I had always believed in Him, the way kids do when they are raised by Christian parents and in the church but it was really my high school years where I found my faith becoming an active part of my life.

Heather took me on my first mission trip, she let me lead youth group, she encouraged me to share with others, and to open my heart to Him and His goodness. Heather was a friend like none other. Heather understood me and helped me grow like no other teacher or mentor in my life.

Since my sister called with the news on Saturday, I have been thinking of that song that goes something like "Thank you for giving to the Lord/I am a life that was changed...One by one they came/Far as the eye could see" I think Heaven will be like that for Heather, a long, beautiful line of people thanking her for her service as one of God's most beautiful and faithful servants. I feel so peaceful in her passing because when she first got sick I took the time to write a letter to her saying all of this and more. I feel even more peaceful in her passing because she's at the best party ever, the Eternal Party with Jesus as the Host.

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