Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 Months Update

Annabeth turned FOUR months old on Sunday. I can never get pictures to post on here so you'll have to check on facebook but heres what's new with her in print...

- She is rolling from her back to her belly (first time was on 02.01.12) and from her belly to her back (first time 12.05.11)
- She is talking ALL the time. Mostly she loves to say "Ah-Gee" and a word that sounds remarkably like "Apple"
- Screaming with delight! AHHHH!!!
- Sleeping in her crib (first time was on 02.01.12)
- The doctor said she is about 1.5 months ahead in physical milestones and almost 2 months ahead in verbal skills! Woah big girl!
- We've been okayed to try cereal so we're shopping for that this week
- And the stats: 14.8 lbs and 26 inches! Long and lean!

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