Friday, March 30, 2012

Anna's Words

Annabeth LOVES to "talk." Honestly, Mark and I are so meek and mild we have no idea where it comes from. Ha!! :) Okay, so she comes by it honestly. But in the middle of all the babble we've heard some real words:

Apple - Starting at around 3.5 months she's said a word that sounds like Apple

O-Gee - This sound is made only when a dog is the the room. She LOVES them!

Nama - The word she SCREAMS when she wants to nurse. We can only assume it's "Mama"

DAUD - Another word she SCREAMS,for attention, which Mark gives her so we call it her Dada word

Boo-Boo - The other day we were at lunch and in the middle of a monologue she said "Boo-Boo." It's only happened once but we are so proud!

Mama Baby - Okay, so maybe she didn't actually say "Mama Baby" but it REALLY sounded like it and my dad heard it as well so I have a witness!

We're really enjoying her not so little voice and are looking forward to understanding what all the noise means!

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