Thursday, March 1, 2012

"We'll do a phone hug!"

Medical Bills.

Those two words have hung over our heads for the past year now. As we strove to become debt free we faithfully prepaid much of our labor/delivery/recovery costs however the unexpected complications/medical care (such as the NICU) we experienced added LOTS of extra bills. So, since 10.28.11 I've had thousands of dollars in "This is not a bill" statements sitting in our Bills Folder. We've diligently paid off about eight thousand dollars and then we've saved waiting for the next ones to come. All the while, we prayed this prayer "Dear God. When the bills come, please make them ones we afford. Please give us the means to pay them. Or, if it is Your Will, have us owe them nothing." That last phrase seemed to be an unrealistic plea but we often threw it in just in case.

Yesterday, I again called billing and had the following conversation with Japhus at St. Francis Medical Billing:

Me: Yes, I'd like to check the balance on some bills. Here's the first account number
Japhus: It seems insurance has paid it in full
Me: As in, I don't owe you anything?!
Japhus: Yes, that's correct.
Me: Well, what about this one?
Japhus: The same thing, it's been paid in full
Me: *Insert squeal here* Oh my goodness! You've made my day!
Japhus: I'm glad
Me: I wish I could hug you!!
Japhus: We'll do a phone hug!!!

Following that conversation I laughed at the insanity of phone hugging the man in billing and then cried my eyes out while thanking God for this incredible blessing! So once again, in our Annabeth Saga of Miracles God gave us more than we ever expected by paying our medical bills in full - mirroring His gift of paying all of our debts and transgressions in full with His Son.

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sarah said...

thanks be to God for such a wonderful gift!! so happy for you, you adorable little riley family : )