Monday, March 26, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I can see it! The light!

In just a few short days Annabeth will be 6 months old and FINALLY our lives are beginning to have some sense of "normal."

Alot of people told us the first three months of new baby life would be the most difficult but I have to say it's really been the first 5.5 months. My Mama and I were discussing this today - we think the fall baby might have made things more emotional as I had a long, gray winter of lots of days at home to add to some sadness and the huge adjustment. So, advice: have spring babies!

We've been out enjoying the early spring these past few weeks and what a difference it has made. Projects we've accomplished:
- Total clean out of the garage (all Mark)
- First (and second) mowings of the lawn
- Weeding of the gravel drive
- Impromptu landscaping project - no more mulch out front/totally new river rock
- Annabeth learning to quietly play in her pack-and-play while we work
- A house full of family for a whole Saturday
- First steak cook-out of the year

We look forward to more sunny days, more outdoor work, and LOTS more time with loved ones. So, if you're in the mood for a cook-out, come on over! We'd love to have ya!

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