Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Oldest Friend's Wedding

We are in Evansville this weekend to celebrate the marriage of my oldest friend Jessie and her husband Matt. Jay and I met in the third grade, when I was terrified and brand new to public school. The Raintree Girl Scout Council placed us in the same Brownie troop and my life was never the same. We bonded over a shared love of cats. Spent the school year having sleepovers pretending to be cats or various members of the Baby Sitters Club. We spent weekends camping with our girl scout troop learning about "hypothermia" and picking up deer pellets. We spent summers at Three Lakes Day Camp drinking kool-aid, being terrified of the latrines, and never making any friends other than each other. Middle school came and we continued our friendship over tea parties and bus books. We even became brave enough to go away to sleep away camp and enjoyed three summers at Camp Lakeview. *For the record, without her having been brave enough to go with me I may never have gone to Lakeview, fallen in love with it, volunteered/worked there later in life, and in turn may never have met Mark. So, thanks to her I have Mark!* High school came, and as our circles of friends changed, we kept in touch almost exclusively through daily e-mails, despite having most of our classes together. Senior year we worked on the yearbook together and then college came. We were professional e-mail friends at that point and so the distance changed nothing. Through the years I have come to know that I can count on Jay for a great e-mail, my first birthday card each February, a lovely Christmas drawing, and a lifetime of friendship. So, if you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for Jessie and Matt as they begin their married life. May Matt know the incredible friend his wife will always be. Love you Jay, Mee.

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jessica said...

Mee! How sweet. So glad you were able to come, and that I was able to see you and Mark twice in less than a month :)