Saturday, September 29, 2012

Riley Healthy Lung Study

Over the summer I saw an ad for a Healthy Lung Study at Riley Children's Hospital. I immediately felt moved to call and have Annabeth apply. Riley is the children's hospital where my sister had her open heart surgery and it is also home to the NICU team that saved Annabeth, so it is a place that is very close to my heart. We were approved for the study (They are looking for healthy, full term babies between 6 weeks and 36 months who have not had any respiratory illness or special care) and we went last Thursday. They had to give her a mild-sedative so that she would lay still for the machines to run the tests. Annabeth, as always, would not fall asleep so they had to wait and then give her more medicine later. She REALLY fought sleep, even with the drugs!! They were very impressed with her BIG personality!! They ran three tests and we were there about two hours. They also did a blood draw. She was very well behaved and for that good behavior she got two little toy ducks and a shaker to practice for library class music time! She will also be getting her very first paycheck in the mail in a few weeks! If you would like more information on how a child you know can help others through this study just leave me a message! We feel so blessed to have been able to be a small part of a large study that helps preemies (like our beautiful nieces were) and infants with any kind of breathing or lung complications (like our nephew who was hospitalized at just one month old). The Riley Infant Cardiac Unit's test is the reason they knew how to save Anna, hopefully, these lung tests will help save another baby who needs it. Thank you God for being the Great Physician!

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