Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

We are back from our Thanksgiving Weekend away. I would say we are 50% unpacked and the second load (of many which I will finished tomorrow) of laundry is already in the dryer.

We had a wonderful weekend in Evansville/Owensboro with my family.

We drove down Wednesday evening after Mark got off work and headed straight to bed once we got in.

We woke up, watched some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then made the drive to Owensboro. We shared a turkey luncheon with three of my cousins and their families. We had five of my Momaw's six grandchildren and five of her six (soon to be seven in the next few weeks) great-grandchildren there which was wonderful.  After letting our lunch digest, and naps for a few, we headed back to Evansville for Thanksgiving with the Kuhn/Pitt family. My aunt, uncle, and cousins made a wonderful feast and we enjoyed watching the two little ones, Annabeth and her cousin Charlotte (16 mos) play. By next holiday season we will have more babies which we are all looking forward to :)

The Kids' Table at the Barnard's
Ava, Kaleb, James, Wyatt, and Annabeth 

Great Aunt Jackie and her girls.
They loved eating their Donut Bank cookies with her! 

Some of the ones from Owensboro came to Evansville to see my sister's new house. She is still in the renovation process but is getting closer to moving in. To avoid a long wait at a restaurant, seeing as it was Black Friday, LucyAnne and our cousin Jordan made a run to pick up lunch from Lic's Deli. Yum! We enjoyed an indoor picnic. Then, Mark and I were blessed with a date evening! We enjoyed a sushi dinner and made a few Christmas gift purchases at Target and Kohl's. I wouldn't really call it Black Friday shopping since they were items we had on our lists anyway. Grandmama and Grandpa took Annabeth out to Ritzy's Fantasy of Lights while we were out on our date.

Lu woke up feeling really sick so Dad took her to Immediate Care. Mama, Annabeth, and I enjoyed my cousin Hannah's baby shower. Her baby is due in January and we are looking forward to his or her arrival. Her twin brother and his wife also have a baby due that same week! What fun! After the shower, we all met up at Macy's to return some Christmas gifts that did not fit. Annabeth is now in a 4T in almost all brands! She is growing so quickly. Mama and Dad treated us all to dinner at Zuki Downtown which was wonderful. We headed home where Annabeth and the boys made a bonfire and Mama made homemade Dunkaroos. So good!

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning together. We read lots of books and Annabeth enjoyed playing "Captain Hook is coming. HIDE!" with anyone who would join her. We made our goal of leaving by 1:00 their time and were home in time to get settled in this evening before the work/school week begins tomorrow.

We pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break as well! We are so thankful for you our readers!

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