Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Post-Owen's-Arrival Date

Last night was our first date out after Owen.

Yes, Owen is over 6 months old and we are just doing this.

It has been FAR too long!

Our last date was our anniversary (May 23) and we have been looking forward to making time for a date again. Mark's work Christmas party was last night and thus date night.

For the first time in more than six months we were out. Alone. Empty Carseats. Quiet backseat. Not Daddy and Mama but Mark and Amy.

We had an actual conversation. We held hands. We finished sentences. We talked to real grown-ups. We ate an uninterrupted meal. And then we went home to our babies.

We stayed up most of the night taking care of sick babies. Me with a coughing Owen and Mark with a coughing and hive covered Annabeth. Back to being Daddy and Mama.

But our two hours out was enough to remind me of some very important things.

Since we have not been out alone, I have been seeing Mark 99% as "Daddy" too. I think of him as someone to help and support in raising our children. I love cleaning up dinner together. I love watching him hold Owen and play with Annabeth. I love going to breakfast as a family. I love visiting the kids' grandparents together. I love all going to the grocery store or the library. But last night reminded me that I also love Mark, my husband Mark.

Mark is so good and kind. He is polite to everyone. He greets everyone like they are his friend. He gives me confidence in a room full of people. He always does the right thing. Last night, a drink was spilled across the floor at the party. The man who spilled it wiped it up some, three or four tables of people watched him, but there was drink left on the floor. Mark went and got towels and cleaned up the rest. It wasn't his mess and yet he did it. He did it quietly and confidently. He didn't ask anyone to notice, he didn't embarrass the man who spilled it, and he didn't make a scene. He just did the right thing.

I love, that I love a man who is so good. I love that he is Daddy to our kids and husband to me.

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