Friday, December 4, 2015

Frugal Friday 120

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- I ordered our Christmas card pictures through Sams Club Photo. They are always on sale on Thanksgiving Weekend 100 for $15. I also cashed out our Walmart Savings Catcher dollars making the cards less than $.10 a piece!

- I also ordered Owen's crib mattress on Black Friday. I was able to save $20 off the retail price AND get FREE shipping! We had saved $75 in gift cards so I used those as well. I shopped through Ebates first for 6% cash back as well! I really felt like this was the best combined deal for his mattress. Now I wonder if I will really be able to let my baby sleep in his own room...

- Mark worked one night at his part time job as well as overtime.

- I cashed out some store credit at ThredUP and got myself a new sweater for the winter for FREE! Shipping was also free and I went through Ebates for cashback.

- Last month, Annabeth took a make-up dance class because we missed our usual classes that week. It was with her teacher from last year and was a 4-6 year old class. She LOVED it and has been talking about it/showing us what she learned for weeks. We have agreed to let her take that class as well this year. She will now take two dance and one gymnastics class a week. Our studio does a buy two, get one free class per student so this extra class will be FREE for us ($450 value!)

- I ordered the last of our photo gifts for Christmas from Shutterfly. I redeemed a FREE item code from Pampers Rewards, saved an extra 30% with a Shutterfly code, AND got FREE shipping thanks to a Similac Moms code (I have no idea how I got this code as neither kid has been formula fed but I love free things so thank you to Similac!) Saved: $46.40

We have had a busy week as Owen is getting closer and closer to crawling and he is sitting mostly on his own. He is much more curious and gets bored/grumpy much more quickly. Thankfully, this week Annabeth decided that she wanted to be a babysitter and so they have been playing together for the first time! She entertained him for about an hour each day!

Annabeth decided to make a fort in the pack-and-play. 
This kept both of them busy for more than an hour each day!
I got SO many things done!! 

We hope that you all have had a wonderful week as well.

Happy First Week of Advent and Happy Savings to All!

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Abbi said...

Cute picture of your children!