Friday, December 11, 2015

Frugal Friday 121

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely this week:

- We enjoyed treating Mark's parents to Breakfast with Jesus and Santa at our church. We love sharing this special tradition with them each year.

- Due to sick kids, we stayed home most days. If we don't go out, we don't spend money.

- Mark did the weekly shopping trip and spent just $30 for the week. We also got back $.11 with Walmart Savings Catcher.

- Annabeth is a student of the month at dance school and received a $15 gift certificate. We will use it to help pay for her costumes in January.

- We finished wrapping for Christmas. All paper and bags were reused from years past.

- In order to get the Christmas giftwrap tote back in my closet, I needed to do some cleaning out. I parted way with three skirts, a shirt, and a pair of shoes from my bottom-of-the-closet-I-might-wear-this-someday pile. They will be donated.

- We shipped a box of 12 months clothes to a friend's baby. Mr. O is just outgrowing them and her son is just growing into them. We love hand-me-downs!

Frugal Fails:
(Unfortunately we had quite a few of these this week)

- Last Friday, we drove to do Christmas with my best friend. After the 90 minute drive, Annabeth got out of the car and got sick all over her and me. Poor girl - carsickness can still get the best of her even with medicine. I did not have any extra clothes for us girls and ran to the store to buy new, clean ones. Annabeth was very happy to have a new My Little Pony shirt but I was not happy to have to make this unplanned purchase. Spent: $30

- Monday morning Owen woke up really hot and screaming. He had been fussy all weekend and we know a tooth is coming up but the big change in his personality told me it was probably an ear infection. I called our doctors office who didn't have openings until Wednesday so the kids and I ended up at Immediate Care. After a three hour wait, it was a confirmed ear infection. A sick visit at our doctor's is roughly $100 but Immediate Care usually runs more like $125. Obviously, I knew he needed to see a doctor so we could get medicine but I hated to not see our own doctor and to spend the extra money.

We had a long, sick week here. Annabeth is just five lessons away from the end of the semester and we are all looking forward to Christmas week!

Happy Second Week of Advent and Happy Savings to All!

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