Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brother and Sister

February 9, 2015 we went to St. Francis for our 20 week (which ended up being a 24 week) ultrasound.

I was worried about #2's brain, heart, and lungs.

I was worried about the fact that we didn't have a "for sure" girl name and that if #2 was a boy I wouldn't get to use Merit, the name I loved most.

I was most worried about the possibility of #2 being a boy. What would that mean for Annabeth? Since she is a girl I felt like she needed a sister. I have a sister and with just 2.5 years between us we have always been close. We are extremely different but our shared upbringing makes us close. She is the only other person who shares so many of my experiences and memories. What would Annabeth do without a sister?!

That being said, from the first day we told Annabeth we were expecting #2 she said "It's a boy baby! He is my Owen!" She never wavered from that. She never accepted the possibility of a sister or of any girl names. To her #2 was always a boy and always Owen.

She was mildly interested in the ultrasound process and after the first thing we saw on the screen was boy parts she spent the rest of the time gloating. "I told you he a boy! He my Owen!"

After Owen was born, she spent many of his first months ignoring him but her love for him was always evident. She always talks about things they will do "when Owen is a toddler" and has enjoyed helping him learn to eat from a spoon and to crawl. She always thinks of him first and will check in on him all the time.

Yesterday as we were leaving dance class, we saw a hawk in the trees. She was so excited jumping up and down and then she yelled, "Look Owen! See the hawk! Do you see it Bubbas?!" and then to me "Get a picture! It is Owen's first time seeing a hawk on Tuesday!" I had thought she was excited about the hawk but she was more excited about sharing the moment with Owen.

I find myself tearful quite often at how much she loves her brother and at how much he loves her back. He spends his whole day watching her and working to crawl to where ever she is. He loves to hold her hand and pat her back. He will do anything that she asks. If he cannot see her, he looks and looks until he finds her. He even makes a word that sounds very much like "Anna" which he uses anytime he sees her.

To watch my children together is such an incredible blessing. I am so thankful that even though I thought she needed a sister, the Lord knew she had to have Owen.

1st  Matching Outfits
July 2015

Helping him learn to eat baby food.
She was so proud to be allowed to feed him. 

They are always together.
They cannot be close enough, long enough.  

 "The greatest gift our parents gave us was
each other." 

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