Friday, February 16, 2018

Frugal Friday 232

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Last Friday, we hosted a little Valentine's Day Party for Annabeth and some school friends. We were able to use up a ton of stationary and sticker pages. This was a huge plus as we have tons of sticker pages with just a few left and I cannot get myself to recycle them until the stickers are all gone. The kids sweetly chose to make Valentine's for their cousins and parents. We also served sandwiches, salad, fruit/veggies, and pink frosted/heart sprinkled graham crackers. I have been doing a Pantry Challenge and was able to use up a lot of items with this meal. We were able to use up items, so we didn't have any waste, and our friends still had a great time.

 - We spent last weekend in Evansville and Owensboro to celebrate my 31st and Mark's 30th birthday with my family. My parents spoiled us with wonderful presents for the kitchen and each of our favorite desserts (Great American Cookie cookie-cake for me and ruhbarb pie for Mark). Saturday my dad and Mark had a day out with the kids - they went to the aiport, Gersthaus for lunch, and then out to my uncle's bowling alley. Mark and Annabeth also took some time out for a Daddy-Daughter date. I spent the day in Owensboro with my Mama and Momaw. It was the most special day to have them both all to myself and we enjoyed shopping and eating lunch at the country club. That time with them will be the best gift I get all year!

- Last year, my Momaw and Mama hit a great shoe sale and stocked up on shoes. It turns out that Momaw only ended up liking and wearing a few pairs. I lucked out, being the only one the same size as her, and came home with three brand new pairs of shoes!

- I planned our meals for the week carefully and we had dinner at home Friday before we drove to Evansville and I had a simple meal ready to cook quickly when we got in Sunday night. This saved us from stopping to eat out on the way down and/or back.

- Mark ended up working a surprise four hour shift at his part-time job Sunday evening.

- I enjoyed a FREE Starbucks drink as a birthday reward. I also enjoyed Starbucks for FREE again thanks to a birthday gift from my friend Nicole. Thank you! Saved:  $11.08!!

- I had a great birthday on Wednesday. I took the kids to a church storytime, had pizza lunch out with friends, watched a Hallmark movie, and took Annabeth to dance. After the kids went to bed, Mark went out and picked up Penn Station and we ate dinner at home, alone, and talked. It was the best birthday!

Valentine's Day/Birthday morning with my 
Favorite Little Valentines. 

We are looking forward a fun weekend filled with dance, scouts for Mark, and a birthday party for one of our favorite little girls on Sunday!

Happy Savings to All!

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