Monday, June 25, 2018

Mother Daughter Weekend 2018

Annabeth and I spent this past weekend at Camp Lakeview for our second Mother Daughter Weekend.

We went last year and had so much fun that we counted down the days until we could go back. Last year, Annabeth surprised me SO many times by being uncharacteristically brave - choosing the top bunk, doing the zip-line, swimming in deep water, and zooming down the slip-n-slide. When I think back to that week, I am still amazed at what all she was brave enough to do at just five years old! I was SO excited to share camp with her! Both Mark and I grew up at Lakeview, volunteered as JCs, and served three summers on staff. We continue to support camp in our prayers, money, and volunteer service when able. It in so many ways has been such a huge part of each of our individual lives and faith journeys and we have always prayed that it would be a life-changing, soul-changing place for our children as well.

This year was equally wonderful! We were in the cabin of Miami again and had so much fun with some of the same cabin mates that we had last year! We didn't ask to be together so it was a fun surprise to see them again and to catch up.

 I was a camper in Miami for three summers
and it was also my home while on staff for three summers.
Now she loves it too!

AmyKuhn Hair, peace sign, and tie-dye 
Her camp "look" is similar to mine from 2001! :)  

The zipline is down this year after a big storm  and Annabeth was very worried that she wouldn't be challenged. She quickly learned that camp is always full of new adventures and challenges. She enjoyed riding the horses for the first time this year, we had been asked by doctors to skip last year until we had final allergy test results, and she loved riding "Freckles." She also improved her archery skills under the guidance of a counselor that was my camper as a child! That was a really fun moment for me. Annabeth was even brave enough to swim out to the Black Peal in deep water and to jump off! She is so amazingly fearless at camp and I love that God gives her that courage at our special place.

Nearly every corner of camp holds a memory for me. As I walk, I think "Oh...that's where happened..." Some places are obvious life changing places like the campfire or chapel and then some are special just to me like the staff lounge where I very first met Mark. I had fun this year walking to each activity with Annabeth as she said, "Remember last year I did..." or "I love this...." Seeing her fall in love with the Lord and with camp in the same place I did is incredible.

Camp was/is an intergal part of my faith journey, my friendships, and obviously changed the course of my life at age 12 when I really fell in love with God there and again at 19 when I fell in love with Mark there. It, although just a physical place, has been the most meaningful and special place in my life.

I pray daily that my children have a place that means so much to them because of how God shapes their heart and uses them for His glory in that place. If that place is camp then that will be all the more special for me!

As for Annabeth, she cried and cried when it was time to leave. She is currently planning her week long solo-trip next summer and is debating which Camp Lakeview t-shirt she will choose at the Shirt Shack. I am so thankful our girl loves our camp so much!

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