Thursday, June 14, 2018

10 Baby Names We Loved But Didn't Use

I love names! I have always loved learning people's full names and hearing the stories behind them.

I had so much fun naming each of our kids and lately I have been seeing some fun blog/vlog prompts and one of them is the "10 Baby Names Loved But Didn't Use" and thought it would be fun to share ours!

If you are curious about how our kids got their names check out those posts here:
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So...10 Baby Names We Loved But Didn't Use:

Girls' Names:
Emerson (nicknamed Emma) - I always had Emerson Beth as my girl name. Mark really loved Emma and I thought Emerson nicknamed Emma would be cute.

Madelyn - We both loved this name and I still do. We know so many Madelyns and I just think it's such a sweet name! This was our "twin name" during Annabeth's pregnancy so if we had twin girls they would have been Annabeth and Madelyn.

Evelyn - This was the other name, along with Madelyn, that we tossed around both times. It is a family name from my Mama's side and just so feminine and beautiful.

Josephine Louise - This was Mark's #1 girl name with both babies. I believe both are family names from his family and he was so hooked on this name. I didn't care for either one (sorry family members!)

Carolina Joy -  I went through a phase while expecting Annabeth where I was obsessed with this name! There was a solid week where I HAD to have this name. Mark thought it was crazy and was never interested in it at all.

Elliott - We both really liked the name Elliott but only for a girl. We talked about it more so when expecting Owen and had a feminine middle name to go with it.

Boys' Names:
Ethan Patrick - From before we were married, this was our boy name. We both loved Ethan and Patrick is Mark's middle name. (We had intended to use our middle names for the kids' middle names)

Isaac - This eventually became our "boy name" during Annabeth's pregnancy. We loved it and the meaning of it as that pregnancy followed our struggle with infertitlity. The name Isaac was given in the Bible to Abraham and Sarah's son and means "God Laughs" We actually know many sons who follow infertitlity and who are given this name for that reason

Everett - We both really loved this name. It was quickly shot down by a family member so we scratched it off the list really quickly. That being said, I loved this name and would have love to use it.

We always had an easier time with girl names as we naturally just liked more of them. Other than Owen we only ever really had one boy name in the running during our second pregnancy. It's the one name "still on the table" in case we decide to name a future pet after a family member it'll be what we use :)

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