Monday, August 26, 2013

D.I.Y. Homemade and Remade Hairbows

I LOVE (understatement) little girl hair bows so it seems that I cannot leave Hobby Lobby or a craft show without at least one.

Originally, I purchased a lot of the crochet style headbands with bows and flowers attached but within the last few months, Annabeth's head has outgrown them. So, instead of letting them sit in the drawer, I have cut the bows and flowers off and attached them to little clips so she can still wear the bow part. I will save the crochet headbands for other projects or to pass along to other little girls.

I have also started purchasing "Big Girl" headbands at the stores, the ones with the plastic band underneath the fabric, but unfortunately a couple have snapped under the wrath of little hands. So, I cut off the excess ribbon and also turned the bow from that one into a clip. Seen here on Annabeth.

I have been saving hoarding lots of decorative bows and ribbons that my Momaw has given to me. So a rainy Friday a few weeks ago, I got into it during naptime and was able to make three new matching bows out of extra material. I saved one for Annabeth, one went to her bestie Bella, and one went to a friend's new baby Jenna. It was about a 15 minute project and I was glad to use up some extra supplies.

What have you been crafting? Do you make your own bows?

Happy Crafting!

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