Thursday, August 29, 2013

D.I.Y : Homemade Baby Gifts

We seem to be in the "Baby Years" of our lives and are enjoying lots of baby showers for first born babies and also gift-giving for younger siblings. For showers I generally choose to shop off people's registries, I know that they really need the items they have requested, but for "Welcome to the World" gifts I like to make things from home.

This summer TWO of my cousins and their wives have been blessed/will be blessed with little girls!

Charlotte Blair arrived in July and we sent her a little hat with a huge flower as well as a homemade onesie. A little over a year ago, my Grandma Chico gave me part of her "stash" of crafting supplies. My grandma was a wonderful sewer and made many a dance, Halloween, and musical costume so she had lots of scraps of "pretties." I have been treasuring that stash, even before she was sick or her passing, but because I don't sew I did not really know what I was going to do with it. Then, I thought, I might make something that had pieces from her stash for baby Charlotte. It isn't intricate or particularly well done but I loved sewing the little roses on it, praying for Alex, Sara, and their little Charlotte and remembering Grandma.

Next week, Lord willing, my cousin Adam and his wife Angie and big brother Wyatt will welcome Miss Ava Rae. Angie is really fun and a animal print, fun color kind of gal and when I saw these iron-ons at Hobby Lobby I knew her girl would need one! I just ironed on the "A" and found a matching clip to add to a headband.

What have you been crafting? Do you make your own baby gifts?

Happy Crafting!

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