Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Photoshoot - 2013

As I mentioned in my last Frugal Fridays post we spent a few Sundays at the park doing fall pictures. I love pictures, keeping detailed journals and photobooks, as well as scrapbooking and was really looking forward to a fall photoshoot of our little family. Here are some favorites:

 Annabeth on "her" playground at our favorite park in town

Daddy and Anna - Best Friends 

Blowing dandelions 

 Mama and Nanners in our matching outfits

They may not be "perfect" or "professional" pictures but they are ours. They are how either Mark or I saw the day through the lens. 

This is the fall, just the three of us. 


Abbi said...

Cute matching outfits!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you! I already had all of mine and she had the leggings and skirt in a hand-me-down bag so when I saw the little green sweater of hers at a consignment store I knew we "needed" it! :)