Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Gingerbread House

Last week, I was finally feeling up to a trip to the store. As we walked in, Annabeth announced "It is SO nice to be out of our house!" Then she spotted some gingerbread houses and asked to get one. My mama guilt kicked in, as I've been too sick most days to go anywhere or do anything very much fun, so I agreed.

We ended up putting it together on Thursday evening with Mark. He built and decorated most of the house. I gave Annabeth two little gingerbread men and a little tree to decorate. I knew she would enjoy having her own project and that Mark and I would enjoy having the house to ourselves to decorate.

 Our little Riley House by Daddy and Mama

Things Annabeth will sit still for:
1. Candy
2. Activities she enjoys
3. Building anything 

When in doubt, stack your candy higher.  

She was completely focused on this project for over an hour!

I have found myself being very into Christmas season activities this year. Part of me thinks it is because at age three, Annabeth is finally into most activities and is actually enjoying and remembering them. Another part of me knows that this will be the last "easy" year for a while because when #2 comes we will start all over again with the baby years.

We are enjoying the countdown to Jesus' Birthday and we are looking forward to celebrating Him this season. 

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