Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Ugh, I dream like a mom!"

Last night, Mark was watching a thriller, spy type movie where a man was running and hiding from bad guys. I was checking out baby and homeschool stuff on pinterest so I was not really watching the movie but did catch bits and pieces.

Once I fell asleep, I dreamed that Annabeth and I were in a big glass house in the woods and we were surrounded by bad guys. Through a chain of events that would never happen in real life, for example I have no karate skills, we managed to capture two bad guys. Annabeth helped me tie up the unconscious men with Hello Kitty clothing. Then I decided that before the men woke up we would need to get them in the car to take them to the police. But as we went to leave the house I realized the doors weren't locked so I ran around locking about 15 doors all over the house. Then Annabeth had toys all over the floor so naturally we had to pick up the toys before we left. Then I noticed dishes in the sink. After making sure the bad guys were still knocked out, I proceeded to do the dishes before we left.

Around that point I woke up, startled because the beginning of the dream had been pretty scary. My second thought, "Ugh, I dream like a mom! Who else locks doors, picks up, and does the dishes before turning in bad guys?"

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