Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Eve

This year, to relieve some holiday stress from Mark's Grandpa Ed who usually hosts, we decided to host Mark's Family Christmas Eve. We did a lunch at 1 o'clock. We enjoyed a wonderful time visiting with FOUR generations of his family!

The youngest generation.
Liam, Kam, Daniel, Brayden, Kati, Annabeth, Elli, and Nate 

Four Generations!
Just missing two from Mark's generation 

Getting ready to open her presents.
This sweet homemade dress reminded me of my Grandma Chico
who always made us cute things! This one I found at Goodwill.

After everyone left, Mark and I cleaned the house while Annabeth played with her new toys. Then, for the first time, we were in town at the right time to attend Christmas Eve service at our own church. It was beautiful and so special to share with our friends Miss Teri as well as Chris and Cindy.

Christmas Day

Annabeth woke up very afraid that Santa was still in the house and spent the early part of the morning hiding in our room. She was not too sure about Santa and when people at church had told her he would be coming to her house she was very afraid. Mark made sure Santa was gone and that the living room was safe and she finally agreed to check out her presents. 

When it comes to buying her gifts. We stick to the same budget for Christmas and Birthday. It is a budget that in lean years is completely do-able and in other years is a good way for us to keep it reasonable. We choose to get her art supplies, books, clothes, and just one or two toys. This year her favorite gifts seemed to be her new Elsa doll and her Brave book. 

So happy with her light-up, singing Elsa doll and Olaf toy. 

Special new ornaments.
Her Big Sister one, our "Baby makes 4" one, and #2's penguin ornament

After a relaxing morning playing with her new things, we headed to Mark's parents. We enjoyed opening gifts; the kids go first and then we send them to the basement to play while the adults open. Afterwards we enjoyed corned beef and cabbage since we won't all be together New Year's to eat it then. 

Cute Christmas Cousins.
 Elisabeth, Annabeth, Katherine, and Nathanael

My sister-in-law Jenn and me in our matching jackets.
We said we're like Kati and Elli since they often wear pink (K)
and purple (E) for people to tell them apart! :)

We had such a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. We were so happy to share those days with each other and with Mark's side of the family. We have so much fun with them and we share so much love!

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