Thursday, January 1, 2015

Homemade Ornaments

I have been wanting to give more homemade gifts. In the past, I have done really well with photo gifts such as scrapbooks, scrapbook pages, photo books, and collages but I have not really branched out from those type gifts.

This year I decided that I wanted to make ornaments for Annabeth and for my nieces and nephew. I had seen a cute idea on Pinterest to use Scrabble tiles and I thought this would be a great year to make them as the kids have all learned or are in the process of learning to spell their names.

I found the Scrabble tiles at a store in town for $.25 each and I used ribbon from my stash from Grandma Chico. I enjoyed making these easy ornaments and hope that the kids enjoyed having their names on them as our creative spellings have made it difficult to find pre-made personalized items for each of them.

This year I also wanted to give my sister a new house ornament as she purchased her first house this fall. I found a neat idea on Etsy but instead of buying a pre-made one I decided to make a personalized one. Mark purchased the old key offline - we thought it was fitting since her house was built in the 1930's. Then I used ribbon from my Grandma Chico stash and added her new -address as well as 2014 1st House. 

I enjoyed making these treasures and praying for each of the recipients as I crafted. My Grandma Chico always made us such beautiful gifts and I would love to keep that tradition alive.

Scrabble tile ornaments for Nate, Annabeth, Kati, and Elli.
1st House key ornament for LucyAnne.
All displayed on my favorite Christmas towels from Martha Stewart for Macy's.

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