Friday, January 16, 2015

Frugal Friday 74

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money:

- We used a gift card to eat dinner out on Friday. Saved: $25

- Annabeth and I ate leftovers from our eat-out-dinner for two meals.

- I received payment for the bag that I mailed to ThredUp in December. I mailed Annabeth's clothing this time and had hoped to gauge how they pay for children's clothing. However, the e-mail I received said they have so many bags needing processed that I could choose a rush option of receiving a payout that was the average of others bags I have sold to them or I could choose to wait and have them make a payment based on what was in the bag. I felt that the rush option amount was probably more than I was going to get for 10 items of Annabeth's so I took it. Made: $25.62

- I treated a friend to a pedicure for her birthday. I paid a few dollars extra and got my first gel-manicure. It is Day 5 and they still look perfect! Rose said hers stay for 3-4 weeks - much longer than a regular manicure! Since it is something I generally only do for her birthday I was excited to have a treat that will last so long!

- I combined a 10% off sale + a gift card to order Annabeth's Valentines. Saved: $20.53

- We had earned a free large, 3 topping pizza from Papa John's. We redeemed the reward on Saturday evening and treated friends to delivery pizza while our girls all played. We enjoyed the leftovers for Sunday dinner.

- My in-laws gave us half a bag of frozen shrimp. The bag was leftover from holiday food and since they do not eat shrimp they gave it to us! We are so thankful - especially Annabeth who loves shrimp!

- I received two bags of maternity clothes from friends. Rose gave me all the shorts I will need for spring and summer. Sarah returned the ones I had loaned her, including my favorite striped t-shirt from Annabeth's pregnancy, as well as other tops and a dress. I am so thankful to pass things back and forth!

- Annabeth and I had lunch out with friends. She and I shared a meal and I enjoyed the leftovers for dinner that evening.

- I sold two pairs of PJs, a Sofia the First nightgown/dress up dress, and a Sofia tiara that Annabeth has outgrown. Made: $20

- Mark worked a 6 hour shift at his part-time job.

We had a good week and enjoyed the, slightly, warmer weather!

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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