Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week of January Babies

We had four family members and friends due in January and ALL have had their babies in the past week!

Last week, a friend from childhood and her husband welcomed their third child, and first daughter, at home! Little Miss E joins big brothers A, age 6, and H, almost 4. We thank and praise the Lord for E.W.'s safe arrival.

On Saturday, my cousin Hannah and her husband Arun welcomed their first child, a son. He is at least the fifth generation in our family to share the same middle name. It was also my Great Grandpa Louie's, Grandpa Chico's and is my Uncle John's and my cousin Adam's. We thank and praise the Lord for Ari Louis' safe arrival.

Just two days later Hannah's twin brother Alex and his wife welcomed their second daughter. The message said she arrived just 15 minutes after they got to the hospital. She will be close in age to big sister Charlotte Blair and we know they will great friends. We thank and praise the Lord for Joslyn Grey's safe arrival.

Then, today, my best friend and her husband Sean welcomed their second son Asher. Big brother SJ is just 22 months older and we know that he will love having a playmate! We thank and praise the Lord for Asher Timothy's safe arrival.

Please join us as we pray for these four families and their newest blessings.

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