Saturday, January 24, 2015

Raising a Party Planner

I think we are raising a Party Planner.

Last April, after attending her friends' birthday parties on the same day, Annabeth decided that she would have a Hello Kitty birthday party. She also wanted to have balloons be part of the theme. I waited until September to purchase decorations and supplies but she never once wavered, it was always to be a Balloon Hello Kitty party. She chose everything from invitations to plates and napkins to party favors. She stuffed her own party favors and helped decorate. She had me get on Pinterest and she chose her own cake. Then, in the middle of her Hello Kitty party, she announced to her guests that her next party will be a deer party.

Three months later and she is still planning her deer party...
- There will be deer cookies no cake
- The deer decorations will be pink
- Deer tattoos must be given to all party guests
The list keeps growing...

Yesterday, before getting her teeth sealed at the dentist, she was telling her hygienist all about her deer birthday party. The hygienist came out and told me, I said, "Yes. And her birthday is not even until October."

But Annabeth does not just plan her own birthday she was very particular about planning a surprise party for her friend Julia. She chose a Little Mermaid gift for her (Julia was Ariel for Halloween) and carefully selected gift wrap. Then she requested that we get cake pops from Starbucks as a treat and required them to be served on a pink, "never purple", plate. She also said that we needed to "get 'ose princess napkins. Julia love princesses." Once we got home, she cleared the floor for dancing and even put in her favorite birthday/dance CD because "every party need music."

 Party set-up for her friend Julia

As soon as Julia came in the door Annabeth yelled
"Surprise!" and made her open her gift

Need a party planner? Apparently I am raising one! :)

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