Friday, January 23, 2015

Frugal Friday 75

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely this week:

- We went to Evansville for the weekend and enjoyed buying gas at $1.88/gallon.

- While we were gone (Saturday morning - Monday evening) we turned the heat at our house down. We hope we saved $5-$10 on our electric and gas bills by turning the heat down for those days.

- We I love having coordinating outfits. I especially love when these are hand-me-downs or borrowed outfits. In my bag of maternity clothes on loan from my friend Sarah there was a cute blue shirt with striped sleeves and it coordinates well with a hand-me-down shirt that Annabeth loves to wear!

 Coordinating with my Nanners

Growling at each other. She is SO into this right now!
Also, note her ponytail:
"I am a big sister now. I need a ponytail."

- We were blessed with the gift of a new refrigerator for our birthdays. Mark did a lot of research to find one that would fit, met our needs, and made sure that he shopped around for the best deal. We saved $400 off ticket price, ordered online for free delivery which saved $70, and earned $23.00 back in rewards.

- With all of the babies born this week, I needed to buy some welcome gifts. I combined store sales with a gift card from Christmas and saved: $75.43

- While browsing Zulily I found a perfect onesie/shirt for Annabeth AND #2. I made one order with just the onesie and thus earned free shipping until midnight that day. I then ordered the shirt and saved $5.99 on shipping. Saved an additional $34.04 with Zulily's price.

- Wednesday we played with friends who live in our neighborhood. Annabeth was thankful to walk over and I was thankful to save a bit of gas by walking. It was a big adjustment from moving to the middle of Greenwood where we walked to the park, library, and out to eat to a neighborhood where we really need to drive to everywhere.

We enjoyed a week with some very warm days! We love to be outside and it was nice to do so without freezing! We are looking forward to our first weekend home in more than a month!

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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