Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Making #2 as Special as #1

One of my main goals during this second pregnancy has been to make it as special as Annabeth's.

The night we found out Annabeth was coming, Mark started a journal for her. We really kept up with that journal posting a few times each week of my pregnancy and through her life. I bought a baby book early on and filled it out as the weeks went on. Even now it is completely updated through her third birthday party. I took biweekly bump pictures even in labor at the hospital I managed to get a few in. I currently have 8 filled photo books with handwritten notes attached to the pictures for her to enjoy later in life.

I have heard so many 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc children complain that they don't have a baby book or that their baby photos are just in boxes instead of books. A few friends who recently had babies shared that they hadn't taken very many maternity pictures. The memory keeper in me panicked at the thought of this! What would life be without journals, photos, or memory books?!

Thus my goal: Keep the memories for #2 as well.

- We started a journal the day we learned #2 was coming. I have been writing to him or her at least once a week.
- I do not have a baby book yet but plan to get one the week we learn #2's flavor.
- I have actually taken more pregnancy photos as we have included Annabeth in a few Big Sister photo shoots as well as bump pictures.
- I have started a Pregnancy Photo Book/Journal on Shutterfly

I know I will make many mistakes. I know I will compare #1 and #2 far too often. I know I will expect it all to be the same, for them to be the same. I know that it cannot be, that they will not be. But I also know that I can take the time to make their memories the same. I want each of them to know just how special waiting for them was and how special their lives are. May they both know that Mama, a memory keeper, loves them so much.

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