Thursday, January 15, 2015

Current and Future BFFs

When I was pregnant with Annabeth, Mark's brother and his wife were also expecting. It was such a fun experience to go through with Jenn and we love how close Annabeth and Nathanael are. She was born October 5 and he was born January 26 and it was wonderful to have babies together! Since Matt and Jenn also have older girls who are twins we all call Kati and Elli the "Big Twins" and Nate and Annabeth the "Little Twins."

I was hoping for something similar this time around with a friend. I have been able to share in the end of my best friend's pregnancy while she has shared the beginning of mine. Her little boy is officially due the last week of January but could really come any day now. Her older son, our Godson, SJ is 21 months and great friends with Annabeth so we are looking forward to our firstborns being great friends and our #2s being great friends as well.

We have had some photo fun while we share this season of life: 

Current BFFs Annabeth and SJ
December 2014

 Current and Future BFFs at 32 and 11 weeks
This is how we told the Eblings we were expecting. 
December 2014

Best Friends at 37 and 16 Weeks.
January 2015

I have been so blessed to have Rose as my best friend for the past 10+ years and love sharing every season of life with her - especially this season of being Mamas to sweet little ones. 

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