Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Frugal Friday 117

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark worked one night at his part time job

- This is the first year that Annabeth has really been aware of advertising for Christmas and has been asking and asking for toy after toy. We were not especially happy with this and so we decided to have her do the Samaritan's Purse shoebox project this year. I took her to the store, gave her a budget, and allowed her to pick anything she thought a little girl might like. We also included some little stickers and notebooks that we had on hand at home. I used a $5 giftcard to offset some of the cost. I pray that Annabeth will learn to love GIVING instead of receiving.

- I ordered a November birthday gift from Kohl's. I shopped through Ebates, arranged for in store pick-up (saved $8.95 on shipping), and saved $14.40 off the original price by shopping a sale event.

- I cashed in my eRewards bucks for a $25 Amazon gift card. I was able to buy a skin care product for myself and a Christmas gift for less than $5 OOP.

- Sunday afternoon I cleaned out Annabeth's closet. I was able to find (I think) all of the pieces to the crib AND the directions! Our goal is to have Mr. O's crib built by the end of the month! I am not sure how he will do sleeping in his own room (most nights he sleeps in his bed next to ours, holding my hand) but we are going to give it a try!

- We cut Mark and Annabeth's hair at home.

- I took Annabeth to a Monday night dance class since she had to miss her usual classes this week. Classes are paid upfront each month and non-refundable so when we have to miss I always work to do a make-up class.

- Mark's Great Grandpa Bob entered the Life Eternal last week. The visitation and services were this week and the family sent home all of the kid snacks from the visitation for Annabeth. She really enjoyed the special Scooby Doo cookies and gummies. Thank you to family and friends who thought of the little ones!

Mr. O meeting his Great-Great Grandpa Bob.
This was taken in June at Grandpa's birthday party.
So glad they were able to meet and to take a generational/sheriff picture. 

Annabeth's Baptism Day - December 2011
5 Generations
Great-Grandpa Ed, Annabeth, Daddy, Great-Great Grandpa Bob. and PawPaw
I am so thankful we have this memory. 

Our week was an emotional and difficult week. We thank and praise the Lord for the incredible life that Great Grandpa Bob lived. We are so thankful for his service in the military, police dept, and sheriff's office. I am so thankful for his encouragement to Mark as a grandson and a deputy. We are so thankful for his love for our family. We have peace in the knowledge that he is Home with Jesus but will miss him dearly.

Happy Savings to All.

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