Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Year's Resolutions: January Recap

Since I shared my New Year's Resolutions at the beginning of the year, I thought I would check in each month with my progress.

Baking/Cooking Challenge:
I am not sure that I tried one new recipe each week but we did try quite a few new things.
- New Year's Eve Mark made these meatballs for our New Year's Party. They were SO good!
- I made Monkey Bread from the Old North Church cookbook for my January Mama's Morning Out. They took MUCH longer to cook than the directions said and I ended up serving them raw in the middle with smoke coming out of my oven. After two hours in the oven they were finally done. Not a hit.
- During the first big snow, I wanted to make cookies but we really didn't have many baking supplies on hand. I got online and "modified" a recipe I found there. I am not a strong baker so I ended up turning "Creme Filled Snickerdoodles" into "Pancake Style Pumpkin Spice Cookies" (we were out of cinnamon so I went with pumpkin spice) They looked horrible but tasted great!
- I made a cookie cake from Pinterest that was advertised as a recipe to replace buying a Great American Cookie Company cookie cake. The dough was wonderful and the cookie was pretty good too! It was not a match for my favorite cookie cake but still yummy and easy to make at home.
- I made homemade sugar cookies. We ate some and shared some with our neighbors.

I babysat for a friend and saved $60 for my 30th Birthday Trip.

We did not manage to have a date out this month. We did stay up a few nights to talk just the two of us. We  also had a Netflix movie night.
We are going to really try for a night out in February and are looking forward to getting the new season of Downton Abbey on DVD for at home date nights.

Looking forward to February! :)

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