Thursday, March 24, 2016

Frugal Friday 135

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely this week:

- My parents' had purchased a 5 lb box of chicken nuggets for Annabeth when she was eating chicken (a brief two month period) and now she is back to a chicken-free diet. I advertised the 2.5 lbs we had left on Facebook as a freebie. We were able to trade the chicken nuggets for homemade salsa from our friends/neighbors! I really think we got the better end of that deal!

- I hosted our homeschool group's Mama's Morning Out. I supplied egg casserole and two kinds of muffins. The other mamas brought iced coffee and fruit. We had a great morning of good conversation.

- We used a gift card to buy supplies for bags for hungry kids in local schools. After volunteering earlier this month, our family felt moved to help purchase food to fill the bags. We used the full amount of the gift card and were able to buy 72 items for the bags. They will be used to help fill the April bags and cost us nothing out of pocket.

- Because we chose not to eat out in February, I purchased a container of decaf coffee and dairy free creamers to make iced coffee at home. I brewed the coffee, cooled it, and then added the creamer. This was okay but never "the" coffee shop coffee that I was wanting. On Saturday, my friend Jeanette brought her own iced coffee and homemade sugar. She taught me how to make my own and I was SO pleased! This was the coffee shop coffee that I was wanting! Coffee recipe here and vanilla syrup here. SO much more economical and SO good!

- While the weather is still a bit cold, I went through each of the kids' closets this week and sorted clothing. I pulled over 50 pieces from each closet - some went to the summer sale and some went to the winter sale tote. I did not switch over dressers yet but everything is organized for when we do.

- I got 25 pieces hung and tagged for the spring consignment sale and over 150 items entered online.

- Instead of lounging around Tuesday evening, I accepted an offer to walk with friends. Mark was at his scout meeting so I took Owen on the walk and Annabeth enjoyed playing at her friends house. This isn't financially frugal but it was a great use of time and energy. Just a reminder that it is always important to make good use of our time and energy as well as our physical resources.

- Our friends the Eblings brought an Easter flower for the kids to enjoy. Annabeth loves flowers so this was the perfect gift!

Annabeth with her flower.
She was also very pleased with her "Cinderella Bun" in her hair. 

- Thursday morning we enjoyed playing with friends and some of our homeschool group at The Commons indoor playground in Columbus. We had originally planned to go to an indoor playground in Plainfield but they were closed for cleaning. This was especially disappointing as we tried to go last month but it was cancelled due to snow. Regardless, we enjoyed The Commons and some fun with friends! :)

We had a BUSY week and are looking forward to celebrating Good Friday today as well as Resurrection Sunday this weekend. We are so thankful for the One who created us and the One who saved us. As we head into the Easter weekend, we encourage you to remember that it is not about baskets, bunnies, candy, or egg hunts - this is all about our Lord who humbled Himself to come to earth, to die, to rise again for us. If this story is new to you, or perhaps it's an old story that you feel like you are hearing for the first time, please feel free to contact us if you desire to know more. Especially if you desire to know Him more.
Our lives are His and we would love to share His love with you.

Happy Savings to All!

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