Friday, April 1, 2016

Frugal Friday 136

Happy Frugal Friday!
Happy April Fool's Day!
(While we are not big on April Fool's, on March 31, 2011 we heard Annabeth's heartbeat for the first time. We told our families that a baby was on the way that night and then the next morning, April 1, Mark posted the news on Facebook. We were so excited to finally be expecting that we didn't even think about it being April Fool's! We spent most of the day saying "No, really! We are!" to our coworkers)

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark was called in to his part time job one night and ended up working 8 extra hours there this week. He also worked one regular shift at his part time job.

- We made some big crockpot meals at the end of last week and enjoyed leftovers through the weekend.

- The kids have enjoyed lots of time playing outside and have also been enjoyed playing with some household items as toys. Annabeth loves to play with anything that doesn't seem like a toy and Owen loves to play with anything that Annabeth likes. We love watching them explore together!

"Cooking" that quickly became drumming as they added more containers and spoons. 

- Saturday afternoon we attended our church's free egg hunt and puppet show. Annabeth was mildly interested in the egg hunt but both kids LOVED the puppet show. Annabeth loves puppets and is very interested in ventriloquism and Owen loved dancing to the bluegrass music during one song.

 - We enjoyed Easter lunch and egg hunt at Mark's parents' house on Sunday. We all received beautiful Easter baskets and the kids have enjoyed playing with some new toys this week. They also sent home a huge container of leftover macaroni and cheese. Thank you!

Owen's 1st Easter!
I am so thankful for our sweet, snuggly boy!

Owen and Annabeth in coordinating Easter outfits.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned overspending on these outfits
but I felt like they looked adorable for Easter! I was also excited to hear
that our church is updating the directory this spring so we will wear these for those 
professional photos. 

- I over-bought books for the kids at Christmas. I saved back four of the books and gave two to each child for their Valentine's. I wrapped the last four for Easter but we just didn't have time to give them to them Easter morning. Since they received many new things, including new books, from Mark's parents we will save the books for each of their birthdays. This gives us a start on each of their birthday gifts and they are already wrapped! 

- I purchased two shirts for this summer for Owen. Carter's had free shipping + doorbuster prices + 2.5% back through Ebates. I was excited because he "needs" their sheriff shirt! 

- I worked hard on spring sale stuff and have ALL of our items tagged and hung for the sale! I also entered all of Jenn's items into the computer system and will hang and tag hers soon as well.

- I hosted a Younique makeup party online for my friend Sarah Stair who has just started with the company. Through the sales, I was able to earn one 1/2 price item and $22.70 in FREE make up! I got $66 of makeup TOTALLY FREE!!! If you are interested in Younique products and/or hosting your own party contact Sarah.

We had a productive week, checking lots of small projects of our to-do list and working on the spring consignment sale since the kids both had colds. I was happy to use up some indoor sick time wisely so we will have more time to play when they are both well again.

Happy Savings to All!

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