Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wacky Weather Weekend

This weekend was the only one that we had free and my parents had free between our mid-March and early-May visits so Mama and Dad drove up for a visit. We squeezed in quite a bit of fun despite the wacky weather we have been having here!

The four of us ate dinner and cleaned the house. We put the kids to bed on time and Mama and Dad got in after 9. The last hour of their drive was in the snow!! Crazy considering a few weekends ago we were running around in short sleeves!

Annabeth was VERY surprised to wake up and find Grandmama and Grandpa here! We had not told her they were coming ahead of time since they were coming in town late Friday night. She was so happy to have them here.
Mama had an errand for work in Bloomington so we all made the drive to enjoy the day in Bloomington.
We had lunch at Mother Bear's Pizza. It was delicious deep dish pizza and we all enjoyed that they allow you to write on the walls.
After lunch, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the Wonderlab. I had heard good things about it but had never been. Both Annabeth and Owen really enjoyed the water tables!
 Water fun at Wonderlab
We had talked about walking Bloomington but it was pretty cold and windy so we opted to just head back home. We cooked out for dinner and had hot dogs and salad. Mama and Dad gave Mark money for a new grill for his birthday and we are enjoying cooking out. We have had a charcoal grill for years but it takes a long time to get hot and is not convenient for a quick meal. We are happy to have a gas grill for quick cookouts.
Mama and Dad surprised Annabeth with a Shopkins card game after dinner and they stayed up late playing.

Sunday we were able to SLEEP IN!! (This may or may not have been my favorite part of the weekend)
We had lunch at Tom's Pancake House.
Then home for Owen's nap while Mark cleaned some of the garage, Dad and Annabeth played outside, and I enjoyed a long talk with my Mama.
After naptime, we headed over to the high school for some kit flying. Dad brought up a kite that we had flown in Florida as kids. It was a fairly warm day but the wind was SO strong. The wind was almost too strong to fly the kite!
Last of all, we headed back to our neighborhood. Mama, Owen, and I made dinner while the other three walked to the playground. It ended up raining on them and they came home quite wet.

So in just 48 hours we had snow, cold, strong wind, and rain - wacky weather!
We were all so glad for time together and time outside!

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