Friday, April 15, 2016

Frugal Friday 138

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark worked for a friend doing yard work. Mark kindly treated us all to a sushi dinner with the money he made! :)

- Mark worked two nights at his part time job.

- Our state and federal tax returns came in. We added them to our savings account.

- My Mama brought up some special hand-me-downs for Annabeth. She brought my old leotards, a nightgown that Grandma Chico made me, and a nightgown that Mama, Lu, and I all wore as little girls. I am looking forward to Annabeth growing into these special clothes.

- Mama and Dad took home two pieces of wicker furniture from our school room. We had originally borrowed four pieces when we had our big front porch at the Greenwood house. When we moved here we kept these two but I have been needing to use our schoolroom space differently. The wicker was purchased by my grandparents when Mama was young. They have been moved around between family members for 40 years!

- Mark has been going through totes in the garage. He sent some cigar boxes and a big box of Civil War books home with my parents. They will either use them or pass them on.

- My March freebies came! I am so excited to have some really nice Olay samples for free! I loved the first lotion and am looking forward to trying the other next week. I also had 6 freebies to order that will come in my April box!

- A friend of mine sells Jamberry. She brought free samples to the kids' gymnastics class this week. I have seen the products but never tried them. They are so cute and fun! I splurged and bought a set for a special event in a few weeks. Are you interested in Jamberry and need a consultant? Contact Sarah.

This is the first time I have done my nails since Owen was born
It was a special treat and made me feel so happy! Thank you Sarah!

We are so thankful that sunshine and warm weather is on its way! We are looking forward to a busy weekend filled with lots of plans with family and friends!

Happy Savings to All!

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