Friday, April 8, 2016

Frugal Friday 137

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- My brother-in-law Luke is a 2nd grade teacher. He pays for some teacher websites and created accounts for Annabeth over Easter weekend. We have enjoyed adding some new computer lessons into school once a week. I am so thankful that we did not have to pay for these websites since Luke already uses them in his classroom.

- I ordered next year's school books from AOP. In April everything is 20% off so we saved $26.07 for next school year. This means we have officially committed to homeschooling Kindergarten next year!

- After I ordered from AOP, a friend pointed out that I had ordered an item separately that was also included in the box set. I was able to cancel that portion of our order and was refunded $40! Thank you Jeanette.

- I was able to purchase some other books for school next year completely FREE off Amazon. I earn Amazon gift cards by completing eRewards surveys.

- Annabeth has outgrown many of her princess nightgowns. I had added that item to my consignment/garage sale lists for this spring/summer. We found one for $2 at a consignment store this past week. She was so happy and so was I - princess nightgowns are very expensive new!

Thursday morning, I caught Annabeth reading her Frozen books
to Owen in her new nightgown. 

- We volunteered again this month to fill lunch bags for hungry school children in our town. If anyone local would like information about donating food or time to this cause, please leave a comment or message me for more information.

- I finished ALL of our consignment sale stuff!! Everything is tagged, hung, and organized for the sale! Whew! I am glad to have it finished.

- I trimmed Annabeth's hair at home. She is really wanting to grow it out but it needed just a little trim and shape up.

- Sunday afternoon we drove over to the high school and enjoyed riding bikes and walking their huge parking lots. Annabeth enjoyed being able to ride fast without the bumpiness of our neighborhood sidewalks.

- Monday night the porcelain on one of our toilets cracked. Mark went to Lowe's and was able to purchase and install a new toilet in under 90 minutes. We were also excited that it happened the night before heavy trash pick up day! We were able to put the toilet out for trash instead of having to take it to the transfer station where we would have to pay a fee. We were so thankful that we had the funds to purchase a new toilet and the know-how to do it ourselves without a plumber.

- I ordered Owen's first birthday invitations through Shutterfly. I had 10 free invites so I just had to pay shipping. Saved: $24.90

We had a busy week and have been able to get more and more projects done around the house.

We hope you all had a great, frugal week as well!

Happy Savings to All!

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