Friday, April 1, 2016

New Year's Resolutions: March Recap

Happy April!

It is hard to believe we are already a fourth of the way through the year. Time seems to be flying by! I am thankful that warmer weather is here so we can spend more time outside.

I did slightly better in March at keeping up with my resolutions.

My original goal was to make one or two new recipes a week, I failed miserably in January and February my finally got my act together in March. Annabeth and I had a lot of fun cooking and learning together!

- Annabeth and I made a gravity-defying cake for Mark's birthday on March 3.
- I made this honey garlic chicken crockpot meal.
- I learned to make cold-brew coffee at home.
- We had friends who eat a low-carb-diet over for dinner. I made this slow cooker zucchini lasanga. I am a carb lover so I was unsure about lasagna without noodles but it was really good!
- I made creamy portobella mushroom chicken from Homemaking Hacks.
- I made shrimp po' boys and they were SO good! Here is the recipe! This was my favorite new meal this month and it only took as long as it takes for the shrimp to cook (11 min)!
- Lastly, I made buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese. Mark loves buffalo flavor so this meal was for him

- I worked on getting everything ready for the spring consignment sale. Most of the money from this sale will go to the kids' savings accounts but I will also be keeping some for my 30th birthday trip fund.

- We had a few at-home date nights. We watched PBS documentaries and really enjoyed quiet time while the kids were sleeping.
- We REALLY hope to get out for a date in April! We know that we for sure have one afternoon of just us + Owen. Annabeth has a special outing planned with her Nana and PawPaw and we are looking forward to being the other three of us. We haven't done that since we were in the hospital with him. That being said, we'd also love a real date!

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