Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mark's 28th Birthday

Mark's 28th Birthday was Thursday.

Mark bought a new-to-him truck last fall and as he has spent quite a bit fixing it up he asked that we not purchase him any birthday gifts. We followed his wishes but the kids and I did have fun making him homemade birthday cards.

We hopped on Pinterest for ideas. I made him a cute stick figure card and Annabeth made a cute monster card. The monster had lots of googlie eyes and said "I only have eyes for you!" We were so proud as she handwrote "Happy Birthday, Love, Anna" all on her own! Since we both already knew what we wanted to make, I scrolled through for ideas for Owen's card. That's when I found a "No ifs, ands, or buts about are the best Dad!" card. Instead of the word "but" it had a behind print. Not many things are cuter than baby bottoms so Annabeth and I painted Owen's little behind and stamped it on the card. It was absolutely adorable and SO funny and perfect for Mark. Annabeth and I kept laughing about it all day! We ended up having to give Mark his card a night early because we kept laughing about it! :)

 Birthday Eve Cards

In our house, the birthday person gets to choose the meals for the day. Mark had breakfast and lunch during the workday but chose dinner. We had Italian meatloaf, stuffing, and brussel sprouts.

Last year, Annabeth and I made Mark the cutest candy sushi for his birthday dessert. We haven't made it since then and since it was such a hit, I had planned to make it again. Annabeth had other plans. She said that Daddy had to have cake for his birthday - I think she was just very interested in eating the icing. Again, I got on Pinterest and found the most fun anti-gravity-illusion cakes. I wasn't sure how long the assembly would take so we used store bought cake and icing (funfetti and vanilla) and then decorated with M&Ms. I used this tutorial and I think it turned out SO neat!

Happy 28th Birthday to Mark! I am so thankful for this man who God has allowed to be my husband and Annabeth and Owen's Daddy. We love him so much!


Abbi said...

That cake is super fun! I think my boys would be quite impressed with it.

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you! It was very fun to put together. I haven't done any cake decorating in quite a while. I enjoyed the challenge.