Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Candy Sushi

Today is Mark's 27th Birthday!

He has a busy work day scheduled as well as a busy evening so we celebrated his birthday yesterday. Annabeth and I made homemade birthday cards and took him out to eat at Pizza King (his request). We also surprised him with homemade candy sushi rolls for dessert.

I first saw the idea on Pinterest and knew I HAD to make it for my sushi loving husband. I also knew my sushi loving daughter would enjoy playing with all of the candy. My favorite designs came from The Sweetest Kitchen and her blog post on an adorable Japanese themed birthday party for her daughter.

Annabeth was really excited to make her own pieces.
She was also excited to try Air Heads and Fruit Roll Ups.  

My Candy Sushi 

I made three different kinds of rolls. On the far left is a Rice Krispie bar wrapped around a gummy worm with a Fruit Roll-Up outside. The middle are Rice Krispie treats with a Sweedish fish on top and then finished with a Fruit Roll-Up. On the far right, are Air Heads on top of the Rice Krispie made to look like salmon pieces. I really like how those looked but unfortunately the package of Air Heads that I purchased only had one red one in the whole bag so I was only able to make two pieces of that one.

We had a lot of fun assembling the sushi and I think Mark loved this special dessert.

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Abbi said...

Happy Birthday to Mark!
Cute dessert. :-)