Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Etsy Find: Owen's Baby Blanket

I have been following, via Facebook, the Gardner Quad Squad and in January the family posted pictures of their four girls in the sweetest baby blankets, stamped with each girl's name. I fell in love! I was so excited when Ashley posted that a Utah based Etsy shop had sent the blankets as a gift for the girls but also had them for sale in their Etsy store.

February 9 we found out that Owen was coming and the first thing I ordered online (that night!) was a personalized, hand-stamped blanket from Kat and Stiina on Etsy. Here is a link to the blanket that I ordered. They have so many beautiful products so here is a link to their Etsy Shop Home.

I knew that Mark's mom would crochet a blanket for Owen, my friend Sarah had already started knitting a blanket, and that my mama had already started on a baby quilt but I really wanted a nice, lightweight summer blanket for our June Bug. As soon as I saw these on the Gardner's page I knew I wanted one for Owen!

Working with Kat and Stiina was a quick and easy process. I ordered the blanket on February 9 and it arrived at our house on March 2. I love that all of their items are handmade in the U.S.A.

I feel bad sharing a picture of his blanket before Owen gets to see it but I love it and want to share!!

We are just 13 weeks out from our due date and we are so excited to wrap Owen in his new blanket in June!!

*Unless otherwise noted I have purchased "Etsy Finds" items with my own money and do not have a personal relationship with the shop or seller. I also have not been compensated for my review or recommendation*

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