Thursday, March 5, 2015

Etsy Find: Annabeth's Big Sister Shirt

About a year ago, I found a link on Pinterest to an amazing Big Sister Shirt. The print read: "Every Sheriff Needs a Deputy. Mine Reports for Duty _____" I fell in love and I pinned it. I felt like it was perfect for our sweet girl who is the great-great granddaughter of a former county sheriff and the daughter of a sheriff deputy. Every few months, I would click on the link to make sure the Etsy shop was still open and that the shirt was still being made. I was already pretty sure that someone else would be joining our family, I just needed Mark to be ready as well.

We found out that we were expecting #2 on October 24. That night I ordered Annabeth's first big sister shirt from Zoey's Attic. It was the first thing we bought after learning that we were expecting. We received her shirt in the mail within a week and were able to make Halloween pictures with her new shirt! We also used this shirt in December to announce (via social media) that Annabeth is a Big Sister!

Working with Erin from Zoey's Attic was wonderful! On the personalization page, I accidentally entered 2014 instead of 2015; she checked with me to make sure of what I meant and fixed it before printing. The original shirt also said "Cowgirl _____" with the older sibling's name. Erin kindly changed it to Sheriff for us! The shirt came so quickly, within 1 week, and was printed beautifully on a high quality shirt.

Here is a direct link to the shirt that we purchased.

Annabeth in her Sheriff Big Sister Shirt from Zoey's Attic! 

*Unless otherwise noted I have purchased "Etsy Finds" items with my own money and do not have a personal relationship with the shop or seller. I also have not been compensated for my review or recommendation*

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