Friday, July 1, 2016

Frugal Friday 149

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Last Friday, I took Owen to his first library class just for him. He enjoyed making a painting with golf balls and paint. It was so fun to watch Annabeth help him and for him to have his own class.

- Friday night, Mark and Annabeth camped out in the backyard. It was Annabeth's first time tent camping outside and she loved it! It was a fun, free way to make memories.

Both of the kids enjoyed playing on the airmattress after it came back
inside after Mark and Annabeth's camp-out. I love to watch
our kids giggle and play together! 

- We got the mail for our neighbors when they were out of town. They visited Amish Country and brought us back a handmade towel as a thank you. We were most appreciative.

- Saturday morning, Annabeth and I went to her friends' free dance recital. Annabeth's recital was last week but she didn't actually get to see any of the dances. The O'Neals invited us to theirs and we really enjoyed seeing all of the dances.

- We went for a Saturday drive and Mark surprised us by letting us stop in Hobby Lobby - one of my favorite places! I was able to get part of a birthday gift and new note cards for FREE thanks to a 40% off coupon and the remainder of a gift card.

- We sold our elliptical machine, we got it for free a few years ago so the sale was total profit. We hope our friend will use it more than we did, which was basically never. We added the $50 to Annabeth's dance fund to help pay for next year's classes.

- Annabeth took her second year of swimming lessons this week. We were so pleased that her teacher from last summer was available again this summer. We were able to get five 30 minute one-on-one classes for just $50. This is a great deal in our area and Annabeth absolutely loved the lessons. She even achieved her personal goal of jumping off the side of the pool and swimming underwater without help.

- I shipped a few hand-me-downs from Owen to baby Paul. Paul is the soon-to-arrive son of my college roommate. I was so happy to send him some outfits I don't need to keep but couldn't stand to just give away. There is also a great UofL onesie in the package.

- I received two 40% off your order offers from Shutterfly. I shared them on Facebook so someone else can enjoy some savings!

We had a great, hot week and are REALLY looking forward to the arrival of the rest of the South Dakota Rileys this weekend. Now we just  have to figure out what to call them since we'll all be Indiana Rileys again! :)

Happy Savings to All!

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Happy Frugal Friday!