Friday, July 15, 2016

Frugal Friday 151

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark has been gone all week, since Friday evening, at summer camp with his scout troop. The kids and I were gone Friday morning to Tuesday evening. We hope that we will notice a savings on our electric and water bills as no one was home to use those utilities for 4.5 days.

- While in Evansville, my family had a garage sale at my sister's house. We all cleaned out closets and she listed the sale on Craig's List. We were open 7 - noon on Saturday and made around $250. Annabeth had a toy sale and lemonade stand. She earned $14. She used half to buy a new toy she has been wanting and used half to buy food for the weekend meal bags.

Our lemonade girl! Up at 6 am and ready to sell!  

- On Sunday, LucyAnne and I took Annabeth to Lloyd Pool in Evansville. We like Lloyd because it is indoors and we love not having to worry about sunburns! Evansville city pools are much less expensive than our pools here. All three of us were able to swim for just $8.50.

- Monday afternoon, Dad and I took Annabeth to Legion Park in Owensboro. It has recently been redone and is wonderful! Owensboro has excellent parks and we loved this new playground complete with splash pad and zipline. We also enjoyed a great visit with Momaw. She made my favorite foods for lunch and I am always so inspired by her hospitality. She knows just how to make everyone feel special.

Owen, "helping" Momaw organize her kitchen drawers. 

- I am SO thankful for my parents and sister and all of their help this week!! They really spoiled us as we enjoyed staying with them Friday - Tuesday and hosting them Tuesday - tomorrow. We were thankful to have so many good eat-out meals and help with the kids! Thank you all!

- Wednesday we enjoyed a trip to a local firehouse as a homeschool group field trip.

- Thursday the kids and I drove to visit Mark at summer camp. They had not really seen him since the 4th and were missing him very badly. We enjoyed three hours of fishing and family time.

- Owen received a packages of FREE goodies from Target - a package of wipes and a few snacks. Thank you Target Registry!

We had a great week with my family but I am looking forward to having Mark home tomorrow.

Happy Savings to All! 

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