Friday, July 8, 2016

Frugal Friday 150

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark, Annabeth, and Mark's mom enjoyed lunch out at Olive Garden using a gift card. Annabeth is always asking to go to Olive Garden so for Father's Day I got them a gift card. They also used a $2 off coupon. Mark enjoyed lunch with two of his favorite ladies.

- Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed walks at the nature trail around our local high school. The trail is 2.25 miles and we had a great time! Saturday was cool and cloudy so we all four went. Sunday was drizzly so just Mark and Annabeth had a special date walk.

Rain Walk. 
Photo Credit: M. Riley

- Monday we cooked out for Mark's family to celebrate the 4th of July. We enjoyed cook-out leftovers for two extra meals as well.

- Mark needed a new grate for his grill so we did our cook-out shopping trip at Walmart. We received $2.35 back through Savings Catcher.

- I washed and organized some hand-me-downs that we were given for Owen. He has plenty of summer/winter clothes in 2T and 3T! Thank you to everyone who has shared.

- On Tuesday, Annabeth and I did some organizing in the garage. Mark took a carload of things to a dumpster that we have access to. We saved the junkyard fee and cleared up some much needed space!

- I sold two outfits of Annbeth's on Facebook. Sold to a local friend so no shipping costs Made: $15

- Sold an item for a friend. She had posted something another friend would love so I put the two in touch. Made her $15.

- Mark worked a shift at his part time job. Mark also worked overtime at his day job.

- The kids and I attended a Piggie and Gerald read-aloud at our library. I had SO much fun doing the voices! Annabeth loved it and we enjoyed seeing friends there too!

- The front brakes in our car went out. Mark was able to replace them for $170. We would have had to pay around $500 at a shop. We are thankful that by planning ahead we are able to pay cash (without dipping into our actual emergency fund) for emergencies like these. I am also so thankful that Mark has taken the time to learn from others how to complete jobs like this. Saved: $330!!

- Mark had his truck towed from his parents to a friend's house so they can continue the work in his shop. The tow company is one that Mark works with often for work and did not charge for the tow!
(The driver is paid an hourly wage by his tow company and was compensated by them.)

We had a great week and REALLY enjoyed seeing K.E.N. twice in one week! I love having my nieces and nephew back in town!

Happy Savings to All!


Abbi said...

Fun ways of saving money! We just had brake issues too and did have to take our van to a shop (that simply isn't Ken's expertise). Thankfully it was just around $300 to have them replaced here.

Amy and Mark said...

I am glad to hear that your brakes are also fixed! I am also glad it's much more affordable there!! Maybe our auto shops are very overpriced. I am thankful that Mark knew how to fix them at home.