Monday, April 3, 2017

Annabeth's First Bible

Over the years, Annabeth has been given quite a few "Baby's First" and "Toddler" Bibles. We have enjoyed reading through all of them many times. In the past year, we have read her Children's Bible cover to cover over and over. This year during school, we have been reading (and memorizing parts of) complete books of the Bible. Last Friday Annabeth said, "Mama I would like my own Bible. Then I can make my own highlights and underlines like you do in yours."

Today, we presented Annabeth with her very first complete Bible.
Today, her Bible is brand new - no bent pages, no markings, no bookmarks but I pray that it does not stay this way for long. I pray it quickly becomes worn and marked up by a little girl who is learning to love to read and obey God's Word. 

On the inside cover, I wrote her a note. I copied a note that I read weekly. My Grandpa Chico wrote the note in the front of a New Testament, which he gave to my Dad over thirty years ago. Sometime along the line, my Dad gave the copy to me. I cherish the sweet words, in Grandpa's handwriting. They are so special because I know that he truly believed them, that he lived by them. I pray that my desire to live by them is making Grandpa, Dad, and most of all the Lord so proud. I pray that Annabeth will run her fingers over those same words and take them to heart as well. "...a humble book containing all you need to know to become a success..."

I am positive there will be many moments of pride in my children. I am sure there will be many moments that I remember and treasure for a lifetime. But these moments, the moment my child asked for a Bible, the moment I gave her one, will be forever some of my most cherished. May all the glory and honor be His as He works in her heart and through her for His Good. 

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