Friday, May 12, 2017

Annabeth's Last Day of Kindergarten

Dear Annabeth,

Just over 180 school days ago, you started Kindergarten. You loved math and art, hated handwriting, and tolerated reading. You were in love with your phonics books and the rules of English and you couldn't wait to do Bible time.

Today, you still love math and art, you tolerate handwriting, and are coming along in reading. You love your phonics books more than anyone should and you have matured so much in your faith through Bible time.

You enjoyed events with our Homeschool Group - the fall party, 100th day of school party, park play, and lots and lots of days of play with friends.

You went from picking books at the library based on their pictures to finding your favorite authors, series, and reading titles.

You went from loving Bible time to asking for your own full-length Bible as opposed to the children's Bible's we have been using. We finished Ephesians in my Bible and you said, "Mama. Let's just start in Genesis. I don't want to miss anything" and so we have started with "In the beginning..." and gone from there.

Sometime this winter there was a day when you opened your reader and read a whole page to me. No help. No sounding out. You just read. And I cried. I cried tears of joy! You spent so so so many days crying over reading and to see you develop into an emerging reader is thrilling! A few weeks ago, you spent Sunday afternoon reading out loud to our family. This week you spent more than twenty minutes reading to Owen, all on your own without any help from me and without being asked.

I pray that this year you fell more and more in love with learning. I pray that you didn't just learn answers but that you learned how to find answers. I pray that you learned to focus and to work hard. I pray that you learned how rewarding it is to work hard and to have success.

Kindergarten is such a huge year! It is the first "real" year of school and I am amazed by the progress you have made! You have grown and learned so much!

I am so blessed to be your Mama and I am so in love with being your teacher!

I cannot wait to see what you learn this summer and am looking forward to 1st grade in the fall!


 Annabeth on her last day of Kindergarten
May 12, 2017
and just to compare....
Annabeth on her first day of Kindergarten
July 2016

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