Friday, May 12, 2017

Frugal Friday 192

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark and I redid our budget and are trying out a new system. Since we had the car accident and new washing machine last month we needed a real re-do to get back on track with everything else. We readjusted just in time as the motor on our garage door went out this week.

- I divided up the leftovers from the consignment sale and split it between three families. I love when our kids get hand-me-downs and I also love to pass along things to others as well.

- Friday morning the kids and I made a run to our new Meijier. I usually find their prices to be higher than Kroger and Walmart (the other two groceries in town) but I had a $5 off $25 coupon. Since we were some of the first people in the store that morning, we each got a goodie bag at the door. We got three of the following: reusable shopping bags with fruit printed on them, blue reuseable shopping bags, cooking spatulas, hand sanitizers, chip clips, water bottles, notepads, cookbooks, $1 off Starbucks order coupon, and $2 off gas station coupon. The kids loved getting to open their goodie bags and you know I love free stuff!

- We made homemade signs to decorate the house for the Kentucky Derby. We usually go to Kentucky and enjoy a big family derby party at Momaw's but this year Annabeth had a dance competition. We enjoyed watching from home, Mark even picked the winning horse, while eating party ham sandwiches but it just wasn't the same.

- Sunday after church Mark did yardwork and the kids and I did a deep clean of the living room. We sorted toys, threw out some things, and I am loving the completely organized look of it all!

- Monday we picked up our car (after two weeks at the repair shop) and it looks brand new! Fletcher in Franklin did such a good job! We were extra blessed when they told Mark that they only charged us a fraction of our deductible and did the rest of the work for the amount our insurance paid. So, more than three weeks after our accident we have our new carseats in our completely fixed car and spent less than $300 OOP (a HUGE blessing since the carseats + the repair + two weeks of car rental would have cost us nearly $3500 without filing a claim!)

- I took advantage of my StitchFix fee being waved. I have not ordered a box since last fall when they waived my fee. I did like some of the items they sent but overall just found everything to be far too expensive to make a purchase.

- It rained every day for almost 2 weeks, so I got out a lot of the Christmas gifts that I had saved back. I usually save some for winter snow days but since we didn't have any of those we used them as rainy day activities instead. That being said, I was SO happy to see some sunshine this week! We have been outside every moment we could be between rains!

- Thursday evening, Annabeth earned her first babysitting money for keeping Owen occupied for an hour while I worked in the kitchen.

This was such a proud moment for me!
Annabeth chose to read (really read not just say what the picture looked like!) 
to Owen for more than twenty minutes. 

We had a great last week of school and I am finding it hard to believe that Annabeth is finished with Kindergarten! We are so proud of our girl!

Happy Savings to All!
Happy Mother's Day!

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