Monday, May 8, 2017

More Than Just a Piece of Paper

In 2005, I earned my high school diploma. It was my first big on-paper achievement. I graduated with Academic Honors and was selected as a graduation speaker. I remember that night felt HUGE when it happened. It was so exciting and felt like my first big step into the world. 

Three years later, I graduated from the University of Louisville, with honors. I didn't go to graduation. I was 21 and the fact that they were going to charge me a ton of money to rent a cap and gown didn't sit well with me. A few weeks later, a diploma was mailed to my parents house and it felt "official" I was so proud of that piece of paper. I didn't need a cap or gown or long ceremony to know what I had accomplished. 

Since then, I have had jobs, lost jobs, had other jobs, and eventually quit a job.
I have had both of the kids and even though they don't hand out diplomas in labor and delivery I would have loved one!

I have learned, in being a stay-at-home-mama and a homeschooling mama that my years of earning awards, certificates, and raises are over. As I have decided to not go back for my Masters or extra certifications, I felt that my University Diploma hanging over my desk is my last big paper achievement. I now spend my days, helping my children reach their greatest potential.

Last night, I was working in the school room planning out our last week of school and then moving on to summer plans. Mark walked in and grabbed a paper off the printer and handed it to me.

I read it over and over. Mark wrote: "The certificate is present to Amy E Riley in recognition of outstanding contributions to the academic achievement and personal growth of the Kindergarten Students of The Riley School..." signed Principal Mark P Riley. 

This piece of paper was so validating for me. To know that my principal, my husband, my teammate recognizes the hard work of the past four years of teaching is so special to me. Mark is so thoughtful and the fact that he did this all on his own makes it my favorite paper ever! 

I am always thankful to be on this homeschool journey. I am thankful to be raising and training my children at home, for His glory. I am thankful for Mark's constant love and support as their Dad, our principal, our substitute teacher, our science teacher, and as my husband. To God be all the glory! 

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